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What good is an idea, if you never share it?  Do not worry about losing your idea, because we provide an inexpensive way to prove and protect anything.

We developed the original algorithm years ago to protect ALL intellectual property with the blockchain.  In fact we used our algorithm to protect the algorithm itself on the blockchain.

Watch the video below for some specific examples on how we protect ideas and how to use the protected documents to communicate to potential investors.

Use your imagination.  Maybe you will create the next Made for TV product, or develop the next energy source for the world.


Our purpose is to provide a way to create Intellectual Property Files / Patents with a secure protected method for inventors to connect with investors.  For more information:

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Let us show you how to create your own personal protected intellectual property for free or use our quick inexpensive service.  Use our Directory to link to customers and investors.

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Use the blog features of the Directory to connect your Intellectual Property File to others for feedback, expansion and financing your idea.


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If you are ready for a crypto patent or to invest in one, visit our Directory, fill out an Order Form, or contact us now.