Bitcoin Word of God

The Bitcoin Word of God uses the HlyGrail Algorithm to create a
verifiable New Testament Bible version. The King James Version of
1611 printed in 1900 is included in a PDF initially titled

The hash for the KJB-PCE-MINION.pdf is stored in the Intellectual
Property File called


KJB-PCE-MINION.txt contains the encrypted Intellectual Property
File. Copy the text in the file into a decoder and decrypt using the
bitcoin Patent Number 1LABBGXCk8MttukwuxBQEvua4pzKAsjA9S.

decrypted version contains the hash for PCE-MINION.pdf and
EndTime.pdf. This hash PROVES the original PCE-MINION.pdf has never
been changed.

The point of this Intellectual Property File is to PROVE the
version of the Bible has NEVER been changed since recording, and the
Bible is in clear text so that it can be copied for easy reading.
Anyone doubting their version can verify it with the HlyGrail
Algorithm. Visit
for additional information and full details.

1 thought on “Bitcoin Word of God”

  1. The HlyGrail patent was originally developed in order to store the entire Bible encrypted by the blockchain in a way that no entity could modify the Word as originally documented by the algorithm. This is an example of a provable contract that cannot be modified.

    Ministers can help by verifying the Bible PDF as a true document. distributing copies of the bible, and explaining how the verification works so that everyone can verify what they are reading has not been modified.

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