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Please use this post for general questions.  This Directory is heavily moderated and comments will only be posted after review.  If  you have general comments, leave them in this Post.  You may find more information at MyCryptoPatent on how the Patents / Intellectual Property Files work.

Each additional Post has the Title of an Intellectual Property File which can be searched by category and tags.  Additionally the Post will contain a link to the website and a short description.  If you want to invest or contact the author of the file, leave a comment ON the SPECIFIC post for the patent.

It is expected this website will have heavy traffic and spam.  Do NOT include email or website links in your posts.  If your comment is pertinent to the patent it will be approved.  If you ask for contact, your information will be emailed to the patent holder.  Make sure you are registered in order to leave comments.  If you spam the site, you will be banned – PERIOD.

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