HlyGrail Algorithm

The HlyGrail Algorithm is a software algorithm that will allow the bitcoin or other altcoin blockchain to become a patent office, escrow company, library of congress, massive parallel programming platform, and just about anything that can be digitized, and needs to be verified before processing.

The base concept is to use a bitcoin transaction that contains a bitcoin consumed input address or output address, and an OP_RETURN hash code that verifies an encrypted Intellectual Property File.  The original Intellectual Property File is encrypted by the bitcoin address as the key.

The date of the transaction is the date of creation and signature for the digital data.

The uniqueness of this algorithm is the use of a specific provable dated blockchain transaction, address, and OP_RETURN relating to an Intellectual Property File.  Additionally, the address of the transaction is known and included in the encrypted document, proving the document existed prior to the transaction.

For detailed information visit http://hlygrail.com.

2 thoughts on “HlyGrail Algorithm”

  1. This algorithm is the basis for all HlyGrail Patents. The algorithm is protected using the algorithm on the blockchain and under bounty. If you find little violators, you could earn the entire Small Claims Court award. If you find a major violator, you could earn 50% of all profit after we sue for loss and punitive damages, which could be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. You could make a living or retire just reporting violators.

  2. If you are interested in the HlyGrail Algorithm commercially, please contact us via the contact form. In general you purchase a license for a select number of usages / applications and pay a fixed fee. You will then value add to your website to attract customers to purchase a usage such as a HlyGrail Patent for a product. You value add by including search engine exposure, help design their patent etc.

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