Identity and Voting

HlyGrail Patent shows how to provide absolutely verifiable
identification. You can create specific use IDs or an international
ID. The patent shows an example how a police office knows the ID
presented at a traffic stop absolutely matches the driver and has not
been modified.

The patent also shows how to extend the identification for voter
registration and verification without exposing personal information
in the event of a database hack.

This patent / copyright is an extension of the HlyGrail Algorithm.
This is a real world use case with greater detail than the original
HlyGrail Algorithm. See
for details.

All the details are protected under HlyGrail Patent

Visit the website for details:

Contact us through the company website, if you are interested in
creating an immutable ID system, voting system, or would like to
license the software for commercial use.

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  1. If you are or know a government agency, bank, or other entity who needs verifiable identification, without the risk of data breaches, contact us to help you develop your KYC/AML system. Minimal software and a license is all that is needed to insure compliance in the strictest environments.

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