Medical Identity

HlyGrail Patent shows how to link verifiable identification with
critical data records, such as a DNA report, without risking exposure
of the data created by third parties being linked to an individual,
especially during a database breach.

Connection of sensitive data to individuals, especially via third
parties, can create great harm. As example, if DNA information is
connected to a client, they could be exposed to discrimination or
even genocide.

This same process can separate highly sensitive information, such
as the location of nuclear material, the container it is connected
to, and the individuals or vehicles involved in the transportation of
the material.

This patent / copyright is an extension of the HlyGrail Algorithm.
This is a real world use case with greater detail than the original
HlyGrail Algorithm. See
for details.

All the details are protected under HlyGrail Patent

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Contact us through the company website, if you are interested in
creating a high security tracking system, or would like to license
the software for commercial use.

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  1. This is one of the strongest use cases for the HlyGrail Algorithm. It shows how to separate critical data, yet have a decentralized, provable connection as data moves between individuals. This is a hint of how to control IOT with the same algorithm.

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