MyCrypto T Shirt

This is a simple HlyGrail copyright of a T-Shirt image.  The T-Shirt simply says “Do you have an idea?” on the front, and the website address on the back.

All the details are protected under HlyGrail Patent

Visit the website for details:

This is an example on how you could protect an image, video, audio
or other single file intellectual property. The ideas protected
could be art, paintings, scripts such as a movie or play, songs,
YouTube videos and virtually all multimedia or software program.

1 thought on “MyCrypto T Shirt”

  1. This category is a common use case for most single file multimedia or documents. Many people have T-Shirt ideas but are afraid to tell others. We have contacts with a very good international T-Shirt manufacturer and marketer. Copyright your video before putting it on YouTube to prevent others on other hosting services like VIMEO from taking your idea. Also the copyright can be included in the video protecting your ad revenue on YouTube. As example, you create a video with a million hits and someone else posts it on their site to steal your ad revenue. Now you can prove in court you owned the video and can easily prove how much revenue you lost, even without talking to your non responsive hosting platform. If you use a bounty like we do to protect your video, you could have hundreds of people searching for pirated material. As another example, never fear your agent or record company will steal your song again. Contact us to protect your multimedia today.

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