Patent Pricing

A general patent with ONE Intellectual Property File is on sale for $350.  If you have a coupon from selected vendors, you can receive up to a $50 discount.  This means you could purchase a basic Intellectual Property File (mycryptopatent)  for $300 in bitcoin, if you hold a $50 Discount Coupon.

During initial marketing, purchasers will receive a one year directory listing,  and an Entry Coupon for donating $200 in bitcoin to the Circulating Currency IPF System.

Additional documents are $40 each when we need to add them to the Intellectual Property File.

If we need to create an independent Intellectual Property File and include other documents, or other support, we will provide a quote prior to payment.


Our referral system is simple.  No is purchase necessary, but you must register.  Once registered, you can provide $50 coded coupons for your customers.  Any mycryptopatent customer exercising their Entry Coupon will pass their donation from them to you, to be used as mall points in the Skillfulbid Mall, or as otherwise provided.   You must contact us and obtain an ID to be registered to refer sales.

Agents and Resellers

Individuals and companies PURCHASE bulk Discount Coupons as a License coded to their Reseller ID.  Upon a Patent sale, the customer receives up to the $50 discount for the coupon determined by the reseller.  The reseller receives their coupon profit, if any, plus the profit less company wholesale negotiated price for the License based on volume.  Mall membership and Entry Tokens are not provided to customers of agents and resellers.

Value Added Resale

Value added resellers negotiate a license agreement for a specific number of sales.  The reseller is responsible for ALL services, sale and support. Mall membership and Entry Tokens are not provided to customers of Value Added Resellers.


We market our program direct from the company.  We bill all sales via invoice after you have completed a patent request.  We have incentives for outside sales and individuals to help refer patents.  If  you are interested in purchasing a patent or want to participate in helping market the patents, you MUST be logged in when viewing this page.  If logged in, you will see a contact form below to send us an email.