Wild West Wotel

This crypto patent covers a business plan and unique design method to turn a motel into a themed attraction. This specific plan is developed as a wild west theme, but any theme using this approach can be developed. The full concept for this patented business plan includes building the themed motel with prefabbed sheds or cabins.

For further information visit  http://mycryptopatent.com/examples/wotel.php

1 thought on “Wild West Wotel”

  1. Normally you would not post your entire business plan in your description or on your website in order to further protect your idea from competition. You would hold back your full details and only present what is needed with prospective investors or to historically protect your idea if challenged. This idea is disclosed as an example to give you an idea of the type of idea or business plan you can protect. You would normally only present details after receiving an NDA from your prospective investors.

    However, this case does not fully disclose the material or the entire business plan, but references other patents that do not fully disclose all details.

    We are currently preparing to develop this project in Montana.

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