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DomainName PDF

Below are the Contents of the DomainName PDF Protected and Proven by the IPF
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HlyGrail IPF Patent / Copyright

How to Protect Domain Names and other Identity Under Copyright

Roger Johnsrud, Genus Enterprises

This algorithm is protected by HlyGrail as a copyright and code. The algorithm is the creation of an IPF containing the address of a transaction that contains a copyright Domain Name (usually in hex) in the OP_RETURN. The IPF transaction exists before the Domain Name transaction. You need a license to use this algorithm for creating the IPF Domain Names. Commercial entities need a license to use the algorithm such a building a verification website or creating IPFs of this type, their use, or related applications.

In the beginning you created a domain name. You had to create it before registering it. This is just like creating a t-shirt, book, or any other intellectual property you would copyright. Then the register immediately says you should get the following extensions so someone else does not take them. Bull, it was your idea and you had it first. That is like changing the color of your book cover and saying they own it. Do you know there are about 1500 possible extensions? The HlyGrail IPF copyrights your domain name. (Do the IPF before you register it with ICAN or domain service.) If someone uses it no matter what extension, you can have them take down the domain, pay you, or face a possible suit. If they do not take it down, you can go after the exchange for unauthorized use of your copyright.


Two new unused bitcoin receive addresses are created. One is the Domain Name address and the other is the IPF ADDRESS.

First Steps

An IPF Patent / Copyright is created to protect and show the Domain Name ownership.

Inside the IPF, record the new IPF ADDRESS, owner, contact information, the Domain Name address, and the Domain Name for the domain you are protecting. (If you want extra protection, mention all the domain name extensions you are specifically copyrighting with this domain name though it should be implied.)

The IPF is AES-256 encrypted with the new IPF ADDRESS. (Keep the master encrypted IPF and never encrypt the original again or the hash will be different.)

The SHA256 hash is created from the encrypted IPF.

Append 486c79477261696c to the front of the SHA256 hash.

Create a new bitcoin transaction spending to the new IPF ADDRESS and put HlyGrail + the encrypted Hash of the encrypted Domain Name into the OP_RETURN.

Last Step

Create a new transaction with the Domain Name address you stored in the IPF. Append the hex encoded HlyGrail (486c79477261696c) to the hex encoded Domain Name into the OP_RETURN of the Domain Name address. This is basically a colored coin, but the Domain Name address is already recorded on the blockchain in the IPF.

Other Information

If there is ever a question about you owning the Domain Name, show that your encrypted IPF Domain Name file has the hash on the blockchain. AES-256 decrypt your encrypted IPF file and it will display your owner information AND the Domain Name address on the blockchain containing the Domain Name in the OP_RETURN.

Your IPF creation is on the blockchain with date and time to prove original ownership of the Domain before the Domain Name transaction. Why not just use the IPF? Because it is easy for software and humans to use your Domain Name address without decoding once verified by the IPF.
Warning. DO NOT create an IPF Domain Name with a domain or other copyright information you do not own, or you will be proving you stole it.

Create the IPF FIRST before recording the Domain Name transaction or someone might do the Domain Name before you get the IPF proof done, especially if software is looking for new domain name transactions to steal before the rest of the world sees it.

There are variations, but the protected algorithm is making an IPF to protect a domain name you put into a colored coin transaction. This requires a license. Anything or nothing can be pretended to the domain name, and it can be stored hex, string, or other binary accepted by the OP_RETURN. A space is ok after HlyGrail but not needed. If you name with HlyGrail and use all hex in the OP_RETURN it makes it easier to find the domain name and manipulate with software. Using this ALGORITHM on other blockchains and using a register like an OP_RETURN and an identifiable part of a transaction like an address that exists prior to the transaction requires a license.

Recommended Standard Domain Name IPF

Below is a recommended JSON format for standardization. If you use HlyGrail appended to the front of your Domain Name it makes it easier to find. Using the key value pair “HlyGrail”: “DomainName” makes it easier to identify this as a domain name IPF.

“HlyGrail”: “DomainName”,
“addressIPF”: “ADDRESS of the Domain Name”,
“owner”: “OWNER INFO”,
“phone”: “Your Phone Number”,
“email”: “Your Email”,
“address”: “NONE or whatever”,
“other”: “Whatever you want to put here.”
“addressDomain”: “Address you created for your domain”,
“domainName”: “Your domain name you copyright”,
“extension”: “ALL or list them.”

Here is the exciting part as discussed in the original HlyGrail Patents and updates, YOU hold the KEYS to both the IPF and the DomainName. Your IPF proves who you are. You can spend unlimited from the original IPF to create other ID documents. You can update any of the documents such as the DomainName by spending from the domain address to another address. You can sell the domain name, change it, or transfer it with restrictions with an IPF. The initial chain leads to the current information. Only YOU can authorize a change with your keys.
The original encrypted Intellectual Property File can be decrypted with the above bitcoin ADDRESS after verifying the hash in the OP_RETURN matches the encrypted Intellectual Property File. The decrypted Intellectual Property file IS the verified original document that was encrypted and patented along with the date and time of recording.

Our License – Get one if you use it as stated above.
Licenses available at

HlyGrail IPF Patent / Copyright

HlyGrail License Below

The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2015/2023 Genus Enterprises LLLP, Roger Johnsrud

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining the knowledge of the HlyGrail algorithm (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

1. Free personal / business use is allowed in all instances to create, use, and sell their IPF or part of it with no license required. Free use does not include building or using as example auction software to sell IPFs including their own without a license.

2. Commercial use requires a SPECIFIC licensing agreement. That agreement must be paid to and signed by the author allowing the use of the HlyGrail algorithm prior to use. Commercial use means using the software in a way to make a profit FROM the software not your IPF. As example, you can make a patent with the software and it is yours with no restrictions, but you cannot make software to create, serve, or auction IPFs without a license. Another example would be a musician can protect their music with the IPF with no license, but a music company cannot sell their IPF music without a license. This is not an exclusive list but an example to demonstrate the difference between personal / business use of the IPF and making money with the IPF HlyGrail Algorithm.

If you do not have a specific licensing agreement, then you agree to a general license agreement that is, by your use of the algorithms or derivations of it for business (profit or not for profit) purposes, that the author of the HlyGrail algorithm equally owns 50% of all your assets related to the use of the HlyGrail payable on demand in exchange for the past or current use of the HlyGrail Algorithm.

HlyGrail is copyright 2013, 2016, 2018, 2023 Genus Enterprises, All Rights Reserved. You can and are encouraged to use HlyGrail as a preface to your hash when making an IPF.

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies of software algorithms but not necessary in simple image IPF NFTs.

Copyright 2023: Genus Enterprises LLLP All Rights Reserved.