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The below information is the clear text decrypted version of the original networkLinks.txt.aes. In the event of legal proof the original document can be presented to the court and decryped by the court with the IPF ADDRESS of this document after verifying the OP_RETURN contains the hash of the original encrypted IPF.

The Hash in the OP_RETURN has the Hex of HlyGrail (486c79477261696c) prepended.

Bitcoin Transaction 5c911f3c460a8ac3dd8546bde9c2efa830e022627b2ec254f9697018936ad5c9

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Decrypted networkLinks IPF

HlyGrail Patent / Copyright Number bc1q6rejglqxtynfsvq38hm96wa2ara4lj2r9y90lp

Intellectual Property File networkLinks.txt.aes

Files held by Roger Johnsrud / Genus Enterprises.

THIS intellectual property file networkLinks.txt (Name not important often ending in the address) is encoded AES-256 and ends in .aes

The Key Address to encrypt / decrypt THIS file is bc1q6rejglqxtynfsvq38hm96wa2ara4lj2r9y90lp

SHA-256 Checksum for THIS encrypted file is in the OP_RETURN matching the Key Address on the bitcoin blockchain as input in the same transaction.

This file includes the verification hash for the IPF Patent/Copyright:

NetworkLinks.pdf (Can be any filename that matches the below hash.)

Below is the SHA-256 checksum for the clear text networkLinks.pdf proving integrity.
File Size 75,089 bytes

Understanding the HlyGrail algorithm can be found at

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