Our Specific Patents

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This page describes specific independent patents that are protected under the HlyGrail Algorithm.  Though you are authorized to make any personal use item with the HlyGrail you must obtain a license to do anything commercial.

The following applications are protected by the HlyGrail as separate applications / algorithms, and you must have a license to use these algorithms for commercial purposes.  Licenses are part of the MyCryptoPatent marketing arm.  We are licensed to host the results.

Though anyone can use the old colored coin approach and put a domain name in the OP_RETURN of any transaction, there is not enough room to contain all the necessary owner information.  It could be done with Ordinals, other Taproot coding, or other smart contracts, but that is infringing on the IPF by storing the IPF in the transaction instead of outside the blockchain.  The IPF Domain Name patent covers usage of the HlyGrail Algorithm for domain names. Check the Domain Name IPF.

Anyone can store a bitcoin address in an OP_RETURN, but the algorithm using that storage for network upline, and downline, and parent connections is a HlyGrail patented computer algorithm.  Network marketing, organizations, geneology, chain tracking products or organisms, and software tracking for double linked lists with top of chain that uses the sender, receiver and sponsor address is covered under the IPF Network Patent and must be licensed.

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