Intellectual Property File (IPF)

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The below information is the clear text decrypted version of the original mycryptopatent.txt. In the event of legal proof the original document can be presented to the court and decryped by the court with the IPF ADDRESS of this document after verifying the OP_RETURN contains the hash of the original encrypted IPF.

The Hash in the OP_RETURN has the Hex of HlyGrail (486c79477261696c) prepended.

MyCryptoPatent IPF Transaction 487e7a3e51f931827a47bf407c368fa1bc84c7d06345e6e8cd0aebb3512119c0

"HlyGrail" was hex encoded to

HlyGrail Transaction bbbc1bb4812221b42d8921cdd1da5f440c227c50f790e75fa93bf6633b42ba38

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Decrypted mycryptopatent.txt IPF

“HlyGrail”: “DomainName”,
“addressIPF”: “bc1q8v533x07cl0h245lprql92k9dqsu2ptdvwnlvu”,
“owner”: “Roger Johnsrud”,
“phone”: “406-606-6660”,
“email”: “”,
“address”: “Las Vegas, NV”,
“other”: “First Domain Name IPF”
“addressDomain”: “bc1qpzw3u9wxxyp4l6nautpg0dvvn0j52277nys868”,
“domainName”: “”,
“extension”: “ALL”,
“license”: “”

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