Building IPF Technologies

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Wellcome to BlockchainIPF.

We intend to store and promote technologies using the IPF HlyGrail Algorithm. See the HlyGrail Patents link above.

Examples include:

Store IPF Domain Names by providing a way to host your IPF to verify your domain name ownership.  Read the Domain Name HlyGrail IPF Patent bc1q3nxj347d2zp9h0tpsh55v45xmu2tjv7f72ssrj to see how they are built.  You should create an IPF wrapping the Domain with ownership information.  We will provide a format or create the file format that we will make standard in JSON for reading the initial ownership.  You can transfer the domain name just by selling to a new address. Or create and IPF to restrict the sale.  We will help with IPF creation with a standard JSON format.

We will provide a paid service like NFT auction websites such as OpenSea to host and trade your IPFs.  We will develop a standard so others can access your IPF information. 

We will provide a hosting service to hold your IPFs similar to the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) and or we will integrate with IPFS but serve up and maintain YOUR IPFs on IPFS callable from our site.

We will maintain the network for the MyCryptoPatent Marketing Company (Name to be disclosed) using HlyGrail IPF Patent bc1q6rejglqxtynfsvq38hm96wa2ara4lj2r9y90lp for building the IPF network organization on the blockchain.  For a fee we will maintain other organization’s IPF network for access or create the software for their company database.

Almost any service above or others can be licensed by third parties to provide similar services with their own branding and marketing.  Get a license.

This entire website is under construction and will be continuous as we add and develop technologies.

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